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  1. Amanda 100 Slim Corona 5s

    Amanda 100 Slim Corona 5s

    Amanda 100 Slim Corona 5s Learn More
  2. Cafe Creme 10s

    Cafe Creme 10s

    Cafe Creme 10s Learn More
  3. Henri Winterman Long Panatella 5s

    Henri Winterman Long Panatella 5's

    Henri Winterman Long Panatella 5 Manufactured by S.T. Learn More
  4. Henri Winterman Short Panatella 5's

    Henri Winterman Short Panatella 5's

    Henri Winterman Short Panatella 5's Manufactured by S.T. Learn More
  5. Henri Wintermans-Half Corona -5s

    Henri Wintermans-Half Corona -5s

    Henri Wintermans Cigars Carton Learn More
  6. Old Port Colts 10s

    Old Port Colts 10s

    Old Port Colts Learn More
  7. Old Port Colts Tipped -5s

    Old Port Colts Tipped -5s

    Old Port Learn More
  8. Old Port-Pintos-10s

    Old Port-Pintos-10s

    Old Port Learn More
  9. Wee Willem-Blue -10s

    Wee Willem-Blue -10s

    Wee Willem Learn More
  10. Wee Willem-Gold -10s

    Wee Willem-Gold -10s

    Wee Willem Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 11 total

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Australia’s #1 Choice in Wholesale Cigars Online

At iFag, we are one of the top online wholesale provider of cigars and tobacco products in Australia. We offer businesses, retailers and individuals the most competitive wholesale prices on the market and supply only the best quality tobacco products directly to you. Our competitive and affordable prices make us the number one choice for your cigar products in the country. Our easy to use online store ensures that your service station, corner shop, liquor store, petrol station, takeaway shop, convenience store or supermarket has access to competitive prices, Australia wide. This includes delivering to regional areas in Australia so that no one misses out on the savings!

While the cost of tobacco products in Australia is constantly going up, we continue to offer low cost solutions and a wide range of stock so that you get to pass your savings on to your loyal customers. This helps build your reputation, ensuring your customers come back to you for their cigars again and again

We have worked hard to make the process of purchasing your cigars and other tobacco products through our online store fast and simple. iFag has created a system so that the sale of our smoke products is completely in line with Australian law. You can register your business or yourself with us if you: - Hold a current Australian Business Number (ABN) - Are 18 years of age and older

It is illegal to sell tobacco products to persons under the age of 18 in Australia, so prior to purchasing through us you must verify you are of legal age. It is also illegal to purchase products on behalf of anyone under 18.

Our products are conveniently available online, so you can have them delivered straight to your door. There are no long order forms or other complications, simply select your chosen items, the quantity required, and pay. We also offer a range of cigarette cartons as well as loose tobacco for sale within our online store.

Different Cigars for Sale

There are a variety of options available in our cigars collection. We have a comprehensive selection of cigars for sale online, which can be easily purchased for your business. Options are available for 10 or 5 packs, as well as short or long types, filtered or non-filtered.

We stock a variety of brands including:

  • Café Crème
  • Colts
  • Cubero
  • Henri Winterman
  • Old Port Colts
  • Wee Willem

Whatever your clientele prefers, you will be able to stock up through our convenient online store.

Stock Up for Your Business

In conjunction with our cigar offerings, iFag provides a comprehensive range of cigarette cartons, loose tobacco and products to help you quit smoking. The quit smoking range offers you the chance to stock up your store with options for all types of smokers. Whether they are quitting or looking to try a new brand, we have the products to assist you.

To find out more about our options or to discuss bulk purchases any further, contact us via the online enquiry form on our contact us page.