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Usually business people ask this question: “How do you get a licence to sell tobacco for retail purposes?”

If you own a retail store and plan to sell cigarettes, loose tobacco, cigars and accessories, then you need to have a licence to sell tobacco issued by the state in which you reside. It’s a very simple and easy process to get a retail licence. Depending on your state, it is available either for free or at a very minimal cost.


State by state tobacco licensing information

You can use the below links to get information for your relevant state.

New South Wales

NSW licences are referred to as Tobacco Retailer Notification numbers; they are free and can be applied for online.



The promotion and advertising of cigarettes and other products is restricted by the Tobacco and Other Smoking Products Act (Qld) 1998.


South Australia

Retailers in SA must hold a Retail Tobacco Merchant’s Licence in order to stock cigarettes and related products.


Northern Territory

Businesses must obtain a Tobacco Retail Licence.



Tasmania requires all retailers to obtain a Tobacco Seller’s Licence if they are planning to offer cigarettes and related products to customers.



Currently you do not need a licence to sell tobacco products in Victoria, but you must comply with all laws concerning the sale of these products at all times.


Australian Capital Territory

Businesses planning to stock cigarettes and similar products in the ACT must be licensed.


Western Australia

Business planning to sell tobacco-related products must be licensed; they need to complete an application form and return it to the Department of Health with the relevant fees.


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