Please Note: Orders will be Dispatched on Tuesdays only, Payment has to be cleared in account by Monday 12.00pm or order will be dispatched next Tuesday Only.

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Do you sell to public?

Yes. We sell cigarettes to both Business and personal customers. The price is the same for all customers, however we sell only cartons and not individual packs. If you are a reseller then you MUST provide us your Tobaccco Retailer Notification Number/Tobacco Licence Number.

What are the shipping charges?

Shipping charges are calculated by an inbuilt calculator towards the end of your ordering process. It takes into account the size and weight of the products in your shopping cart and the destination address. You will then get an instant quote from few courier companies – cheapest, fastest etc. and you can make your choice of preferred courier. Shipping times are indicative only. Shipping time starts once the order has been released after your payment has cleared into our account.

Currently we provide free standard shipping to all orders over $1000 in Sydney Metropolitan area and all orders over $7000 Australia wide.

When will I receive my order?

Orders are released only when the payment clears into our bank account and this may take 24-48 hours. First time payments may take longer to clear. Once the order is released it is picked, packed and booked with your preferred courier. The courier time indicated during your courier selection process starts after the courier has been booked.

What if I need my order urgently?

Please go to the bank to deposit the order amount into our bank account so that we have clear funds into our account and can release your order immediately. Also select a faster courier during your shipping method selection process.

What if I am not at home when my courier arrives?

Depending upon which courier you selected during your ordering process, you can either give them authority to leave your courier at your front door if you are not at home or if no such authority is given, the courier will leave a “Missed delivery attempt” card which will advise you of the collection procedure. Again depending on the courier service, you can either arrange a redelivery or pick it up from their depot/associate post or news agency location where they would have dropped it.

How do I pay?

You can pay via Poli Payments which is a payment system of Australia Post. When you logon to your internet banking via Poli, it will automatically have our bank account details and the order total amount filled in there and you can simply complete the payment in one step. Neither Poli nor we get any access to your internet banking login details.

Alternatively (or if your bank is not available via Poli) you can choose to pay via bank transfer into our bank account. If you select this option, our account details will be shown where you can transfer the money. Account details are also available on the order confirmation email. Please use the order number as the payment reference number. Kindly email a receipt of confirmation of payment to so that we can confirm your order.

Please note that either of these methods are basically an internet transfer and not an instant payment like credit card. It may take 24-48 hours for your payment to clear into our account and your orders will be released only when the payment has cleared into the account. First time payments make take longer.

Do you accept Credit Cards or Paypal?

No. Our extremely thin margins do not allow us to afford the credit card fees and charges and Paypal does not allow sale of tobacco.

Do I need to create an account?

Yes. You must create either a business account using your ABN number or a personal account using a Government issued ID that can verify your age i.e. passport, drivers license or medicare. No sale can be processed with creating a verified account.

How long does it take to create an account?

We are electronically integrated with the Government database to verify your ABN or age verifying ID and the process takes only few seconds to verify. Once you have been verified, you just need to enter your basic details to complete the account creation process and you are ready to order.

Is there a minimum or maximum order?

There is no minimum or maximum order limit for purchases at our website. We however currently offer free standard delivery to all orders over $1000 in Sydney Metropolitan area and all orders over $7000 Australia wide. For most our personal account customers it usually works out better to order more than 1 carton as it divides the shipping cost and makes it more cost effective.

Will I get a discount if I buy larger quantities?

The prices that are offered on our website are always current and the best we can offer at this stage. The prices do not vary depending on the size or frequency of orders. 

Are your products genuine?

Yes. We only sell products that are compliant with Australian Standards and are legally authorized by Australian Government to be distributed. These are the products that you would buy from any Retail Store in Australia. The reason that we are so cheap is that we are an online only store and are keeping our overheads to the minimum. We do not do any direct import of tobacco or cigarettes.

Can I order for someone else?

Yes as long as they are over 18. If you are buying it for someone else you can enter their address in the delivery address. It is a criminal offence to sell, provide or buy tobacco, alcohol or any other adult rated products on behalf of person under 18 years of age. Maximum penalty is $110,000.